Large reception area and computer training room.

 Solar panels to ensure a constant supply
of electricity

Large training room for 150+ people with full A/V and Internet facilities.

Air conditioned accommodation for visitors and volunteers. 


Administrative offices for our staff and field workers.

Recreation and sports facility for children.

Meeting rooms for mothers self-help group meetings.

Outdoor facilities for Agricultural training.




Mother Related Training:

  • Mother and Child Health Care
  • Family Financial Administration (Budgeting)
  • Training on Child Rearing
  • Family and Child and Education
  • Legal Awareness programmes
  • Mothers and Society
  • Mothers and Sanitation

Fathers Related Training:

  • Alcohol Related Issues
  • Training on Farming
  • Job Oriented Issues
  • Legal Aid
  • Training on Government Policies
  • Training on Family Budgeting
  • Health Related Issues
  • Parents and Children
  • Social Responsibility of Fathers

Income Generation Training:

  • Cow Rearing
  • Goat Rearing
  • Chicken Farming
  • Organic Farming
  • Pickle Making
  • Hand Craft Works
  • Mushroom Cultivation

Children Related Training:

  • Periodical Motivational Courses
  • Spoken English Courses
  • Job Fair
  • Career Guidance Programme
  • Children and Society

Finance is required to cover the cost of training. It is expensive for our mothers to do a training course as it will mean loss of daily income and transport costs to come to the centre.