Nandri works in rural South India focussing on

Empowering Mothers

Our Objective

to empower the impoverished mothers in rural villages of Tamil Nadu who are classified as Dalits or Untouchables
Nandri aims to provide long-term sustainable solutions instead of giving short term handouts. Mothers are provided with loans enabling them to earn an income to feed and educate their children. This greatly contributes to their self respect and dignity.

Mothers self-help groups work towards

Sustainable Futures

Our Mission

to provide each mother with a loan which will increase their access to income, education and health
Our Mothers Self-Help group is fundamental to our success. Nandri works with mothers groups at village level to administer the loans. The income generated helps the mother keep children in education and provide for healthcare.

Working out of the poverty trap through

Education and training

We Believe

education is the key to the family rising above the poverty trap. through your support we are able to put a child through school.
Our child support ensures that the child remains in school until 12 standard, which is the Irish equivalent of 6th year. We also provide loans for 3rd level education enabling families who cannot afford upfront college fees to send their children to college.

In order to help those in need we rely on your

Continued Support

Donate Now

Donate and help us change the lives of Dalits in South India who have been impoverished and marginalised by the caste system
Your generous support changes the lives of Dalit families. You provide the path to self sufficient income generation and access to education and training. The great work Nandri does would not be possible without your enduring support.