Child Sponsorship Programme


Education is the key to getting out of the poverty trap. The Nandri child sponsorship programme enables Dalit families to provide education for their children. 

The programme supports the child in education, so that they may have a career and break the bonds of discrimination. Education requires a weeks wages each month for a family to keep a child in school. This is why sponsorship is so vital to continuing education.

We work mainly with Dalit people but it is important to note that any child from any caste or religion is eligible to receive sponsorship through Nandri.

Our sponsorship is operated in quite a unique way. A bank account is opened in the name of each child and the account is operated by the mother of the child.


Since 1996 we have sponsored over 5,000 children.

Many children went on to graduate with third level qualifications.

48 graduated in 2014.

65 graduated in 2015.

120 graduated in 2016.

Currently, 1,100+ children are covered by the programme, in 58 villages.




  • We provide financial support to families for education costs and encourage them to keep children in education up to and into third level.
  • A family receives Rs. 450 (approx. €6.50) per sponsored child per month. Widows receive Rs. 600 (approx. €8) per sponsored child per month. This is the equivalent to a week’s wages for the mother. It is hugely significant for the family. 
  • Our sponsorship programme is unique as we open a bank account for each sponsored child. The sponsorship money is lodged into this bank account every 6 months and is used for education costs.
  • The bank account gives Dalit women credibility and status as they would typically not be allowed inside the bank.
  • After completing second level education, children qualify for participation in the third level education loans programme.
  • To qualify for the child sponsorship programme a mother must participate in the mothers self-help groups programme. Within two years she will qualify for a micro-finance income generation loan typically to buy a cow, which will enable continuing support for education.
  • Once a child has completed second level they qualify for a third level loan.  We introduced this programme in 2013 and it has resulted in twice the number of students going to college.




  • Nandri field workers visit the families to ensure they are in need of sponsorship and administer the overall selection process.
  • It is based mainly on the family income and conditions. Most mothers and fathers work as daily labourers in the fields and their income is very uncertain.
  • The programme is available to one child per family, to both girls and boys, of any caste or creed.
  • Records of the sponsored child’s educational progress are recorded by Nandri as evidence of the child’s continuing school attendance.





The Nandri Newsletter provides up to date information on our education support programmes  and shows how your continuing support changes the lives of children.

Our sponsors can receive the Newsletter by email or if preferred via our website blog.





Would you like to sponsor a child and see that child grow into a sophisticated, educated adult? We have 1,000 children waiting to be sponsored. You could change their lives forever.