How Nandri Empowers Mothers

Over the past 20 years Nandri has operated many programs particularly its child sponsorship programme. We built schools, medical centres and provided clean water for dozens of schools and villages.

Over the last five years our focus has shifted to a more long-term sustainable position where instead of giving handouts we are providing loans to mothers to enable them to earn an income, and feed and educate their children. This is also going a long way towards making them more responsible for their future and giving them more self-respect.

Along our path we have been responsible for the education of thousands of children and we will continue to regard this as an important part of our objective.

Some key statistics:

  • Today over 3,000 mothers benefit from membership of our mothers self-help groups.
  • Our mothers have saved almost Rs.8 million (€113,435) which they lend to each other.
  • Over 1350 mothers have received a loan to buy a cow or sewing machine. Today we continue to give out 40 loans every month
  • Our Nandri Centre was completed at a cost of over €300,000 in 2016 and is used for training and administration.
  • Our mothers pay an annual membership fee which goes a long way towards covering the operational costs.
  • Recently we received a micro-enterprise grant of $50,000 from the Lions Clubs International Foundation #LCIF
  • In the past we gave handouts. Today our emphasis is on empowering the mothers with loans for income generation and their children’s education. The interest which they pay on these loans and their membership fees partly funds our 3rd level support programme and goes a long way towards covering the operating costs of our partner in India.

We are helping the mothers to help themselves

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