Nandri Centre

In February 2016 we had a ceremony to open our new Nandri centre. It was well attended by about 3,500 mothers who were entertained by singing and dancing. They arrived looking splendid in their new Nandri saris which they wear with great pride.

These downtrodden women enjoy being part of Nandri and the services which are provided for them.

From here we will manage our various programmes, including:

  • Supporting almost 3,000 mothers in almost 200 mothers’ self-help groups
  • Child sponsorship for over 1100 children where every child has a bank account
  • Income generation loans to enable them to purchase a cow
  • Loans to enable our sponsored children to go to college
  • Providing training in basic human needs such as sanitation, hygiene, child-rearing.

Rented accommodation has been difficult to find and keep over the last 10 years as our wonderful hard-working Dalit mothers are not welcome. They are often referred to as untouchables.

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